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It’s a word I’ve heard throughout my life but never really paid much attention to. I had never really sat down and given any thought to gratitude and the power that it has. Yes I say thank you when someone does something for me, helps me, gives a gift to me, but was I thankful for other things in my life?

After going through some difficult times I started to read and discover the power that gratitude has if we apply it to our everyday lives. It sounds too simple right? One word – gratitude – to be thankful – it’s that simple. 

I’ve found that we seem to rush through life without paying much attention to the things we have to be thankful for. Often we are struggling with issues, be they large or small and we seem to get stuck focusing on things that we do not have, that we want or need or things that we believe are standing in our way. It seems easier to see the negatives in life, we feel them so much more.

I have started to try and focus on what I have. Everything I have. It can be as simple as being grateful for seeing the lightning light up the night time clouds (seriously storms make me so happy) Being grateful that I have a beautiful daughter. I live in the most amazing village. I have a job and can provide. I am healthy and so are my family and friends.

I believe that this simple process has helped me a lot. When I’m feeling low and thinking of my troubles I try to flip it in my mind – what DO I have? I’m so lucky to have so much. I really have some amazing blessings. It’s crazy how quickly this can change your mood.

I keep a 6 minute diary every day. It involves writing an entry every morning and every evening (3 mins morning and 3 in the night) and it basically gets you to focus on the things you have in your life to be grateful for. It drives you to see that there is actually more to be grateful for than you realise. 

I’ve discovered the process of keeping my diary gives me a lift every day. When I wake up I have to write three things that I’m grateful for, this practice automatically sets your day off with that positive attitude – I like this 🙂 At then end of the day you write about three great things you experienced – this leaves you looking at your day in a positive way. It doesn’t have to be big things – sometimes I’m just grateful that it rained – but I was grateful – that’s the point!!

I wanted to share this with you as for me at the moment it’s an important factor in my life and maybe you would like to include more gratitude into your life too – you’ll be grateful 🙂

Clare xx