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Our village here is a tourist resort and this week it’s been rocked by the news of the demise of Thomas Cook. The company brought us a lot of tourism and it’s absence is sure to have an effect on most of the people/businesses in the village in one way or another.

It is at times like this that people’s true colours show and I couldn’t be prouder. My good friend and colleague is (was) a representative for Thomas Cook and has been for a number years. She was the first person I messaged when I woke up on Monday morning and quickly checked the news to see what had happened over night. We had a quick phone call where we were both in some kind of disbelief.

I headed to the office a little later to open up and prepare for what was looking to be a difficult day – 10 minutes later, there she was, dressed in full uniform, ready to help her guests. Unsure of her future and most likely not getting paid for her time, her main aim was to try and make the situation as easy for everyone as she possibly could. 

I wanted to write this post because I love it when someone goes above and beyond of what is expected of them because they want to help people. They put others before their own needs even with tears in their eyes. To be honest this is how she was as a rep, how she is as a friend and how she shines as a person. I’m proud of her

Clare xx


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